Minimum Orders

There is a Minimum order of 25.00.

Shipping and Taxes

Shipping starts at 6.95.
Shipping a KNK Zing machine anywhere in Canada is 19.95. Duty and Exchange rates have all ready been factored in so you will not be charged any additional fees.
Shipping and applicable taxes are added at checkout.

Why can’t I just order from the US and save on taxes and duty?
All KNK machines sent in Canada are shipped from Canadian warehouse. This saves you money on both shipping and duty.


What software can I use?
Zing comes shipped with Make the Cut! Software.
Other KNK machines can be shipped with either KNK Studio or MTC.

Will Make the Cut! work on a Mac?
Out of the box MTC will not work with Mac. Parallels or Bootcamp will run Make The Cut.

How many computers can I cutting software on?

KNK Studio you can install on 2 computers
Make the Cut! you can install on all the computer you own.

Do I need to use a dongle?
No. Make the cut does not require dongle- just activation key.
KNK Studio now longer requires dongle- just activation key for 2 computers.

Does software with Windows 7?
If you have any problems please check downloads page for drivers and software upgrades.
OR email me with your questions.


I’m lost.Where Can I get Help using my machine and software?
You have lots of options:
You can join several of the yahoo groups devoted to using cutting machines and software.
Can email me for help.
Watch Videos and Tutorials that may solve your problems.