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bwQuilling Patch Store is an offshoot of the popular Quilling Patch Crafts site where you can find all kinds of craft ideas including free cutting files for your digital cutter- most available in SVG GSD KNK MTC and WPC formats.

I am located just outside of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. My background is in design and I have been designing craft cutting files for close almost 8 years. I had the great fortune to hook up with Sandy MacCauley of KNK USA who has been an inspiration and friend.

Both Sandy and Chad ( KNK USA/ Accugraphics) have been working on an affordable way to purchase selling KNK products in Canada.
At last prices are competitive with the American market. Your KNK products are in Canada, serviced in Canada and shipped from Canada- so no hefty shipping and duty charges, ( My first KNK Element cost an extra 160.00 in shipping and duty).

It is because of both Sandy and Chad that I am now able to be a re-seller of the fabulous KNK Products and Accessories here in Canada.

I work in Adobe Illustrator, KNK Studio and Make the Cut software and always eager to help you solve a cutting or design problem.
I have owned successful retail stores and I understand the importance of excellence when it come to customer service.

If you have any questions about your purchase or are simply curious about the line of KNK cutters, please email me at

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